About 2nd Chance 

Back in 1994, a Southern California worship band became known as "2nd Chance". That moniker fit perfectly as their theme and message was all about the second chance that Christ came to this earth to give each and every one of us. It was then, and still is today, so perfectly appropriate. Their ministry is delighted to share and invite others to receive their very own 2nd CHANCE with God!

Over the years, many talented artists have blended their gifts together with CJ Orndorff III to create the joyful 2nd CHANCE style of worship. The sound has flexed and changed ever so slightly as the years have come and gone, but the passion and intensity remain the same. Either by himself or with other musicians, CJ now ministers in many correctional institutions across the USA. Evangelism is their calling and reaching the lost is their primary goal. Secondly, encouraging believers in their faith in Jesus is vital to them as well. Concerts consist of music with a moving, joyful style that speaks of the love, mercy, forgiveness and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Members of the team each have a unique testimony they share. The GOOD NEWS brings hope to all and encourages believers to reconnect and strengthen their commitment and walk with the Lord. For many, it is the opportunity to receive the best gift available in this lifetime: a relationship with their Creator!