Whatever you choose, we are so blessed that you’re here, and THANK YOU for considering joining us! 

Ever notice that when many people join forces, a lot can get done quickly?
THAT is our perspective with partnership. We are so thankful for those who GIVE whether large or small, because many helpers make the load much lighter!
All we ask is that you obey the voice of the Lord. We encourage ALL of you who love Jesus and love His people to GIVE SOMETHING… even if it’s equal to a cup of coffee at a foo-foo coffee shop once a month!

You may partner with us MONTHLY, or, you may give on a ONE TIME basis. Below are some of the costs involved showing basic ministry overhead. Those of you who are able, we invite you to be a monthly donor of $50, standing together with us boldly proclaiming JESUS IS LORD. However you decide to be involved, we want to say, Thank You!

Some of The Costs: (averages)
Gasoline- approx $2500 annually for our own ministry vehicles.
Wear and tear- Tires, oil changes, brakes, maintenance and repairs- $1000-2500 per year.
Transportation- $7000-10,000 per year to keep a roadworthy vehicle.
1 room, 1 night in a hotel-  $125-200 (typically Hampton Inn. Safe, clean, and relatively affordable.)
1 Outreach weekend- $800-$1000 road expenses alone for trips within 8 hours drive. Expenses to further
states range from $1500 to $3000.
Modest salaries and office expenses- $75,000

Monthly Support
Monthly partnership is the life's blood of 2nd CHANCE. Outreaches are happening often, and more are in planning stages all the time. We are serious about taking the Gospel to a lost and dying world. We KNOW God is speaking to others about being intentional financial and prayer support in our endeavors.

You now have the convenience to GIVE from your own phone!
TEXT the word GIVE to: 615-237-7335 and follow the prompts. Then, go to Tithe.ly online to set up your account, or download their app. Select GIVE TO YOUR CHURCH OR MINISTRY, fill in the necessary info, and type in 2nd CHANCE Outreach Ministries. You can choose recurring monthly gifts, one time gifts easily duplicated at your whim, and easily manage your account. Choose your amount, choose your date. It’s THAT simple!

Online through PayPal:
This gives you a safe and easy way to make your contribution. Click on the link below to give your financial support. You can donate using a credit or debit card, or bank account. PayPal will show up with the name 2nd CHANCE Outreach Ministries. There should be a link that says "Special Instructions" or a field that says "Include note to seller" where you can send a note, comment or prayer request.


Monthly Partnership
Stand with 2nd CHANCE in this effort making a monthly automatic contribution, choose your amount, and the debit or credit card you would like to use. Thank you!

Payment Options

Single Contribution
If you would like to make a single contribution, one-time or occasional donation, please choose this option. We appreciate your prayers and support so much. Thank you for choosing to make a difference!

PO Box 101
Hendersonville, TN 37077

2ND CHANCE OUTREACH MINISTRIES offers tax deductible receipts for contributions during the month of January for the year prior. They are an affiliate with KINGSWAY FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL in Des Moines, Iowa. May God bless you as you partner with us!