We're delighted to share the GOOD NEWS and invite others to receive their very own 2nd CHANCE with God!

Since January of 1994, either by himself or with other musicians, CJ ministers in many correctional institutions across the USA. Evangelism is their calling and reaching the lost is their primary goal. Secondly, encouraging believers in their faith in Jesus is also vital. Concerts consist of music with a moving, joyful style that speaks of the love, mercy, forgiveness and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Members of the team each have a unique testimony they share. For many, it is the opportunity to receive the best gift available in this lifetime: a relationship with their Creator!

Since the beginning of 2017, CJ and 2nd CHANCE OUTREACH MINISTRIES have partnered with Trinity Broadcasting Network's 2nd Chance visiting the nation's prison systems. 

On the tours, we celebrate the installation of satellite dish systems that provide 4 networks of TBN's positive, faith-filled programming. The concerts are recognized as a personal visit from TBN and our own 2nd CHANCE Outreach Ministries together. We are very grateful for this partnership and thank the Lord for the opportunity to work side by side!

2nd CHANCE Outreach Ministries is funded by the gracious generosity of individuals, families, and churches who believe in our mission; not just in words, but in sustaining the financial needs of the ministry. We  welcome you and your church to consider co-laboring with us to continue our fruitful efforts to encourage brothers and sisters doing time from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast, and between our Southern and Northern borders.

We are an charter affiliate with KINGSWAY FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL in Des Moines, Iowa. This ministry has a racially non-discriminatory policy and therefore shall not discriminate against members, applicants, students and others on the basis of age, race, color, national or ethnic origins.


Born into a minister’s home, CJ Orndorff was raised in Tucson, Arizona. Music and ministry were just the way they lived. His parents pastored a local church, but also shared the Good News in other cities and nations. They purposefully demonstrated the passion for evangelism that he carries today.

He attended Christ For the Nations Institute in Dallas. Known for it's amazing worship, CFNI further deposited a deeper passion for worship and an insatiable hunger for the presence of God in him.

He was raised backing up his musical parents on the electric bass, trumpet and acoustic guitar. His mother, Kathleen, and his father, Cliff, were exceptional musicians and pastors. CJ started leading worship at 15 and served in pastoral and music ministry in Arizona, Iowa and in California until the mid '90s. In 1994, a dear friend asked him to bring his worship team to prison for the first time. That experience changed his life and the focus of his future. Evangelism had always been at the core of his vision and dreams. Those dreams suddenly became a reality in his personal ministry.

By God’s grace, he’s completed over 2000 concerts in prisons since 1994.

CJ has been happily married to his wonderful wife, Laury, since 1988. Their daughter, Lynelle, is married, has 2 boys, and has served on staff with YWAM Denver. Their son, CJ IV, is a musician and photographer, working alongside his father in 2nd CHANCE. Their daughter, Candace, is married with two sons and lives in Southern California.