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Our time in Texas was fantastic from beginning to end!

Audience participation was outstanding. Chaplains were fully engaged to bring the 
residents together and to have them ready to jump in with expectancy!

The only disappointment was that one of the facilities had to cancel last minute due 
to a medical "outbreak." 

I'd like to thank each teammate whose talents and contribution made it all possible:
My sweet wife, Laury
My son, CJ4
Rick Green
Paul Abbott
Eddie Howard
Jim Crawford
Michael Pratschner
Brian Duvall
and, our coach driver, Terry Russell!

HUGE thanks and appreciation to Matt & Laurie Crouch at TBN 
for their partnership in all fo these 30 day tours since 2017.

Most of all, much praise and gratitude to our Lord, Jesus Christ who
kept us safe, provided all we needed to accomplish the month-long 
activities, provided His presence and every facility, and was faithful
to encourage, strengthen, and change lives at each event. Without Him,
NONE of this would be possible.